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BI consultant interns Remote Internship Program


During the special period of the outbreak, Data on Demand started to train BI technical consultants remotely, hoping to cultivate new professionals or students interested in data analysis. Our program will effectively equip participating interns with hands-on experience in the field of data analysis and the knowledge of BI and big data, contributing to their future career development and the development of the big data and business intelligence industry.

We welcome:

1. Students in their senior year of college, sophomore year of graduate school, or new graduates.

2. Talents with a business and IT background or an interest in the data analysis field.

3. Students from all over the world, excellence in both English and Chinese.

Your internship goals:

1. Establish the concept of architecture: Understand enterprise architecture, business model, organizational division of labor, model method, analysis system.

2. Understand processes and systems: Include the enterprise’s main core process , business opportunities, orders, delivery, invoicing, collection, customer service, which involves CRM and ERP, functional core work content, work processes, methods, and skills.

3. Proficient in BI: Learn full BI development skills to become proficient and obtain the certification of the MSTR.

4. Master DW: Familiar with modeling and ETL. Capable of building a data warehouse.

5. Understand BA: Develop essential BA ability. Work with architects to assist in requirements analysis.

6. Understand PM: Cultivate essential PM ability. Have the ability to finish some small PM management projects. Use agile software such as Jira, Trello, and Confluence to do project management and knowledge management.

7. General knowledge of AI: Learn how AI can help you analyze and get things done better and faster.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Learning: Study the big data and BI courses according to the weekly schedule. Students need to learn all kinds of skills about BI and big data analysis, including the knowledge and skills of using tools, the knowledge and skills on complete development, project management ability, essential business knowledge, necessary data analysis skills, industry knowledge, etc.

2. Technical Support: Localization of original materials, training of products to customers and partners, feedback of customer problems, sorting out Q&A knowledge base, establishing and optimizing technical support process.

3. Sales and Marketing Support: POC, case preparation, success story writing, white papers, and related pre-sales and marketing materials.

4. Project: Requirements analysis, data dictionary, data model, data mart, data warehouse, dashboard, mobile BI, visual analysis, reporting.

5. Anything else related to data analysis.

Job Structure:

1. Work from Home. Set hours by yourself. Complete learning and working tasks on a timely manner.

2. Establish study groups of 3 to 5 people. Each study group has a coach, a group leader, and a few mentors in different fields.

3. An internship certificate will be issued after 8 months with the company. Interns participating in test can obtain relevant certificates issued by MSTR and Imobilebi after passing the exam.

4. Interns will be given work email addresses and DingTalk accounts; Interns will be asked to write daily diaries, write weekly reports, and a monthly summary just as full-time employees of Data on Demand.

Master the working methods of learning, practice, summarizing, recording, and sharing, flexibly use the PDCA process, complete the MBO (OKR) management, develop SOP capabilities, and establish an agile culture.


1. No base salary during the training period.

2. Adopting contribution-based salary system: Participating in projects or contributing tasks are paid or equivalent.

If you are interested in the project, please feel free to contact us:


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